Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Superior Lamp President Ken Hennig “Does it produce income?”

Stop. Right now! Think! Ask yourself, how many things did I do today that produced income? Now ask, how many things did I do today that “did not” produce income? Now ask, why did I do those things? did they need to be done today? Were they merely excuses I used to keep from doing what I should have done? Here is a great test! If you know that what you are doing is not producing income, when it should be, stop doing it. Go do what you are suppose to be doing to produce income. You must control your time, your efforts, your career. Remember you only need one reason to succeed. Ken Hennig President Superior Lamp

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Superior Lamp President Ken Hennig "Trust In Work"

"Most people give up just when the're about to achieve success. They quit on the one yard line. They give up at the last minute of the game one foot from a winning touchdown."- H. Ross Perot Think about it. Do you trust in work? I'm convinced that work is one of God's greatest gifts to us. Work foruces us to develop our latent talents. It forces us to utilize our God-given talents. It forces us to improve 1% a day. Never give up. Never quit working. Trust in the gift of work. Hit a single, double, triple or home run everyday. Never settle for less than 2 sales a day. Ross Perot is 100% correct. If people would only trust in work and not quit, they would achieve success. Ken Hennig President of Superior Lamp

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Superior Lamp President Ken Hennig “How Will You Ever Know?”

How will you ever know how good you are unless you give 100% ? How will you ever know how much money you can earn unless you do your best? How will you ever know what this opportunity will do unless you commit?

Commitment to do your best changes everything. All the doubts all the questions go away. Now the focus is on the task rather than the problem.

Commit to doing your best. It’s the only way you will ever know just how good you really are!

Ken Hennig

President Superior Lamp

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Superior Lamp President Ken Hennig “The Secret Lies in Dreaming Big!”

Truly one of the great days in a salesperson’s life is the day they discover there is no upper limit to the income and success they can achieve. “Nothing is impossible to them.” They need only to dream and “ask” enough. They must have buig enough “wants” which will get them to go the extra mile, to do things ordinary salespeople deem out of their reach. Things like $100,000 incomes, $10,000+ volume weeks, or having a net worth of $1,000,000 or more.

Of course it takes big dreams to even consider such numbers a possibility, but they are available to all of us. The secret lies in having big dreams and wants then going after those dreams. Life will pay whatever you ask. Don’t ask too little. The glory and excitement is in big dreams.

Ken Hennig
President of Superior Lamp

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Superior Lamp President Ken Hennig “The Joy Of Doing Your Best”

Think of the achievements of which you’re most proud. Think of the days of which you are most proud. Some were related to career, some were not. However, all days had one thing in common. They were days where you did your best, where you used all of your talents and abilities. They were days where you were focused, days where your attitude was positive. They were days where you gave your very best and you were rewarded disproportionate to your efforts.

One of life’s greatest ironies is its rewards system. When we slack of 50%, the rewards drop 90%. But, when we do our very best and give 100%, the rewards skyrocket 200%-300% and more! That’s why we take so much pride in our achievements. That’s why giving our best is so rewarding, so profitable…so memborable!

In direct sales we have a daily choice as to what we want to put into each day, and what we want to get out of each day; We can choose to do our best and create another successful, rewarding and memorable day or we can choose an easier, less rewarding, less memorable path. The choice is ours and ours alone. I try to look at each day as an opportunity to choose to live it like my heroes would live it. What would Thomas Edison, Bill Gates or one of a half dozen other business heroes of mine do with this day that I have been given?

Success in life is about expectations. Do we expect ourselves to utilize our God-given talents to their maximum each day or not? do we expect ourselves to do our best each day, for each day is a new opportunity to achieve new success and create new memories. Each day we can work to make that a day we’ll remember 1 year from now… a day we exceeded our expectations. Each day let’s expect ourselves to do our best for that alone will make us wealthy in money, friends, family and spirit.

Ken Hennig

President Of Superior Lamp

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Superior Lamp President Ken Hennig "Jerks Have A Purpose"

In sales you run into all types of prospects. Some are great people, most are nice and few are...well... jerks!

When you do run into one of these unsavory people remember this one important rule...don't sink to their level. For if you do, you become one of them. Instead, rise above them, be nice, bid them good day amd move on to the opportunity that is awaiting you.

Be quietly thankful for the very important unpaid job they do for us! Their job is to demoralize competitor's sales people, to ruin their day, their week. Their job is to keep competitors from getting a roll going, by destroying their attitudes. Their ultimate job is to eventually drive competitors out of this incredibly lucrative business and into the Wal-Mart greeting business!

At Superior lamp we sell the best! Therefore we must be the best. We must dress better and we must always take the high road when others choose the low road. They may be having a bad day, a bad year, or even a bad life but we aren't. We're on the road to success and prosperity!

So next time you run into a jerk, thank them for their valuable time and move on... while being quietly thankful for the invaluable assistance he's giving us in dealing with competitors.

Ken Hennig
President of Superior Lamp

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Superior Lamp President Ken Hennig "Load The Dice"

Life is a game of chance and success is the result of good luck!... Ask any failure!

In many respects they are right. There is an element of luck in achieving success. However, the point missed by "failures" is our ability to influence the amount of good luck we receive, our ability to "load the dice."

In sales we can increase our luck many different ways. We can start by making a lot of calls. The more calls we make, the greater the odds are that we will find someone who will buy our product. Make enough calls and you'll find someone who was literally "waiting" for a light bulb salesperson to stop in!

We can also increas the odd of making a sale by using the time test Superior presentation and close. There are some people who will buy just because you sell lighting. However, you can dramatically increase the percent you sell (increase your luck, if you will) by using Superior Lamp's proven sales tools. By using the sales aid, the presentation and the close, you can effectively load the dice.
Another method to shift the odds in your favor is to call on prospects who are "high percentage" prospects. The favorite high percentage prospect among seasoned sales people is the REFERRAL! Veterans have closing rates on referrals from 70 to 90%!! By asking for and calling on referrals, you can further "load the dice" and become even "luckier" in making sales.

On top of the list for improving methods are the Superior Lamp sales emotions: CONFIDENCE and ENTHUSIASM. Display these emotions and your prospect will instantly MIMIC them. Your CONFIDENCE will creat TRUST in them. Your ENTHUSIASM will create a "YES" mindset. Used together these sales emotions will creat a "buying mood" in your prospects.

Use these powerful techniques and you'll effectively "load the dice" and dramatuically improve your odds of writing sales! Implement these percentage enhancing techniques and you'll achieve even higher levels of success...on less effort. Soon you'll find yourself being accused by some failure of being one of those "lucky" people who lucked into success! Little does that failure know that you LOADED THE DICE!

Ken Hennig
President Superior Lamp